At UCC INDU GmbH, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to sourcing hard to find and obsolete capacitors. No matter if your requirements are commercial, industrial or even military-grade, we have the ability to provide you with a wide range of options to buy capacitors that suit your individual needs.

UCC INDU GmbH is an independent electronic capacitor distributor for almost 15 years. We provide high-quality parts, competitive price, swift delivery, quality service, good reputation and global sourcing network. Our quality control team is working hard to ensure the quality of all parts of electronic capacitor we are selling. Our inventory is maintained to the highest standards in our controlled environment warehousing facility. Feel free to contact with us today.

Our efforts are largely focused on locating and curating a comprehensive catalog of the entire global inventory of obsolete capacitors from over 400 leading manufacturers, including:

Sprague Vishay

What’s a Capacitor?

First discovered in 1745 by Ewald Georg von Kleist, capacitors are comprised of a non-conductive substance sandwiched between two conductors. From their simple beginnings inside handheld glass jars, capacitors have evolved to become more complicated, more economical and vastly more efficient.