UCC INDU GmbH is a global leader when it comes to locating hard to find and obsolete resistors. No matter if your requirements include commercial, industrial or even military grade resistors, we can provide you with options to buy resistors that will fulfill all of your needs.

At UCC INDU, we strive to create a comprehensive catalog of the global inventory of hard to find and obsolete resistors from over 400 of the world’s top manufacturers, such as:


BI Technologies


KOA Speer


About Resistors:

Operating based on Ohm’s law, resistors work to reduce current flow and lower voltage within circuits. The most common style of resistors, fixed resistors, are available in a variety of types, such as carbon composition, carbon pile, carbon film, thick and thin film, metal film, metal oxide film and wire wound. Additionally, a second style of resistor, called variable resistors, allow users to adjust the resistance of the component via an external knob, dial or other apparatus.