What is Integrated Circuit (IC) ?

An integrated circuit (IC) is a small semiconductor-based electronic device consisting of fabricated transistors, resistors and capacitors. Integrated circuits are the building blocks of most electronic devices and equipment. Learn More

The Functions of Integrated Circuit (IC) and Their types

Integrated circuits are all around us and we don’t even realize it. Whenever we use laptops, smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, refrigerators, televisions, digital clocks, or any other electronic device, we are enjoying the functionality of integrated circuits within these devices. Learn More

When Will the Components Need Replacing

When a circuit board is designed, the components soldered to it are represented by schematic symbols and footprint models in the PCB design CAD system. Learn More

The Equipment Multiplier Effect on the Chip Shortage

Global semiconductor supply imbalances have hindered countless industries including essential segments such as automotive and medical as well as workers and consumers. Learn More

Semiconductor Foundries are Increasing Prices: Here’s Why

From manufacturer to consumer, prices are increasing worldwide. Discover why and what experts are predicting for the industry. Learn More

Advantages Of Sourcing From An Electronics Components Distributor

Die meisten Menschen verstehen nicht, welche wichtige Rolle Distributoren in der Lieferkette spielen, insbesondere wenn es um elektronische Komponenten geht. Learn More

Thermal Management of Semiconductors

Every electronic device or circuit will create heat when in use, and it’s important to manage this. If the thermal output isn’t carefully controlled it can end up damaging, or even destroying the circuit. Learn More

Highly effiecient Regulator TPS53316RGTR TI(Texas Instruments)

The TPS53316RGTRa synchronous step-down converter with a V or 5V input, consists of 16 components that fit into the 200mm2 PCB area. Low RDS (on) and TI's proprietary SmoothPWM skip mode exist. The operating mode achieves 96% peak efficiency. Learn More

Supply Chain Risks: Inflation Now Troubles the Industry

Inflation and ongoing supply chain risks mean trouble for the automotive industry, while demand for consumer electronics is falling rapidly. Learn More