Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles with zero-emission will become part of our electrified future

FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory or FeRAM) is a stand-alone nonvolatile memory that enables you to instantly capture and preserve critical data when power is interrupted. Learn More


TIDA-010072 Air Blower and Valve Control For Respiratory Applications

This reference design provides a compact system design capable of supporting motor acceleration and deceleration up to ±200 kRPM/s, which is a key requirement in many respirator applications. Learn More

Robots Unleashed

Optimized semiconductors open up new degrees of freedom, as they let robots interact with humans outside a cage. For this type of collaboration, however, these robots – also known as cobots – have to fulfill certain design criteria. Learn More

STMicroelectronics’ high-bandwidth common-mode filters ensure signal integrity in multi-gigabit serial interfaces

New common-mode filters from STMicroelectronics have an extremely wide differential bandwidth of 10.7GHz to protect antenna sensitivity in adjacent wireless circuitry from the latest serial digital interfaces. Learn More

Outdoor Real-Time Monitoring

Indoor tracking applications include indoor localization systems and warehouse logistic solutions, which can extend beyond the interiors of plants, hospitals, factories, and sheds to include the immediate surroundings. Learn More

Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety is defined by international standards such as IEC 61508, which provide tools and safety functions to assess risks and prevent danger. System safety is essential for ensuring human safety and protecting the environment. It applies to all industrial systems, including automated manufacturing, transportation, and the oil and gas industry. Learn More

Infineon enables automotive security systems

As system complexity increases in cars, so too does the volume of data to be processed and distributed. Learn More