STM32F105RBT6: A Powerful Microcontroller Now Available at UCC Warehouse

The STM32F105RBT6 is a highly capable microcontroller that offers advanced features and exceptional performance. With its extensive set of technical specifications, it caters to the needs of various embedded system applications. This article provides an overview of the STM32F105RBT6 and highlights its key technical parameters.

Technical Specifications:

Architecture: The STM32F105RBT6 is based on the ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit RISC core, which enables high performance and low power consumption.

Clock Speed: It operates at a maximum frequency of 72 MHz, allowing for efficient execution of complex tasks.

Flash Memory: The microcontroller incorporates 128 KB of Flash memory for program storage, offering ample space for firmware development.

RAM: It provides 64 KB of SRAM, ensuring sufficient memory for data storage and manipulation.

Peripherals: The STM32F105RBT6 offers a wide range of peripherals, including USART, SPI, I2C, USB, and CAN interfaces, facilitating seamless communication with other devices.

Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC): It features a 12-bit ADC with a maximum conversion rate of 1 MSPS, enabling accurate and precise analog signal acquisition.

Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC): The microcontroller incorporates a 12-bit DAC, allowing for the generation of high-quality analog signals.

Timers: It includes multiple general-purpose and advanced timers that support various timing and control applications.

Operating Voltage: The STM32F105RBT6 operates within a voltage range of 2.0V to 3.6V, ensuring compatibility with different power supply configurations.

Package: It comes in a compact LQFP64 package, providing ease of integration into various electronic systems.

Availability at UCC Warehouse:
We are pleased to announce that the STM32F105RBT6 Microcontroller is now available at the UCC Warehouse. UCC is renowned for its reliable distribution services and commitment to delivering high-quality electronic components to customers. With the availability of the STM32F105RBT6 at UCC, developers and enthusiasts can easily access this powerful microcontroller for their projects.

The STM32F105RBT6 with its impressive technical specifications, offers great potential for applications such as industrial automation, consumer electronics, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Its advanced features, coupled with the convenience of availability at UCC warehouse, make it an ideal choice for engineers, hobbyists, and professionals in the embedded systems domain.

The STM32F105RBT6 Microcontroller, powered by the ARM Cortex-M3 core, showcases exceptional performance and a wide array of peripherals. With its availability at the UCC Warehouse, developers can now access this powerful microcontroller conveniently. The STM32F105RBT6's technical specifications make it an excellent choice for a broad range of embedded system applications, further solidifying its position as a go-to microcontroller for innovative projects.