UCC Has Started Cooperation with The Company RUNIC

UCC has started cooperation with RUNIC, a manufacturer of analog and digital-to-analog microchips.

The company was founded in 2014 in Wuxi, China and is currently the main supplier of standard logic on the domestic market. SONY, LG, PANASONIC, XIAOMI and iRobot – are just a few of the manufacturers who use RUNIC integrated circuits in their products. The company has its own research center and actively invests in the development of new high-quality components.

RUNIC produces microchips such as operational and instrumental amplifiers, comparators, analog switches, linear regulators, DC/DC voltage converters, supervisors, standard logic microchips, as well as level converters.

The quality of RUNIC's products is comparable to that of companies such as Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Maxim and Microchipbut their selection is not yet as wide. However, the product line includes both inexpensive analogs of popular microchips and high-performance analog components with unique characteristics. At the same time, the company actively invests in development, which results in a constantly growing range of products. Currently, the company is developing new high-resolution ADCs, AFE microchips for medical equipment, motor drivers, and load switches. The company plans to create a wide range of ADCs and DACs, as well as expand existing product lines.

At the moment, the following positions are available in UCC's warehouse.

Operational amplifiers: LM358XK, RS321BKXF, RS321BPXF, RS622PXK, RS622XK, RS624XP, RS722PXK, RS8021XF, RS8031XF, RS8032XK, RS8034XP, RS822SXN, RS8411XF, RS8412PXK, RS8412PXM, RS8412XK, RS8454PXP, RS8511XF, RS8512XK, RS8521XK, RS8522XK, RS8552XK, RS8754XP, RS8907XC5.

Comparators: LM2903XK, RS339XP, RS8912XH

Logic level converters: RS0101YH6, RS0101YUTDV6, RS0102YVS8, RS0104YQ, RS0108YQ20, RS0202XM, RS0204YQ, RS0208YTSS20, RS0302YH8

Standard logic microchips: RS1G00XC5, RS1G00XF5, RS1G07XC5, RS1G08XC5, RS1G125XC5, RS1G126XC5, RS1G14XF5, RS1G86XC5, RS1G86XF5, RS244YS20, RS244YTSS20, RS245YS20, RS245YTSS20;

Analog switches: RS2101XC6, RS2102XN, RS2233YS16, RS2251XTSS16, RS2257XH, RS2266XM, RS2299XTQC16;

Linear regulators: RS3002-3.3SYF5, RS3002-3.3YE3, RS3007-3.3AYK;

Voltage reference sources: RS421AYSF3, RS432AYSF3.